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The Community Dance Program

The Community Dance Program (CDP) is a product of a long standing committee of Callerlab, the International Association of Square Dance Callers, to appeal to the community at large. Our modified version of the CDP adds 3 dance steps to enhance choreography and increase the fun.

The primary goals are always Fun, Fitness, and Friendship. Because the program has no expertise or accomplishment target, we are free to have fun doing whatever we do. And what we do are Square, Line, Contra and Round Dances. Because we try to keep the dancing lively and energetic, it naturally promotes fitness. (Not to the aerobics level, however!) Lastly, because we're all relaxed and enjoying what we're doing, we can make friends and share the fun with those new friends employing simple dance steps.

To give credit where it is more than due, the name, structure, and execution plan for our program were derived from a book called Dancing for Busy People, Copyright 1995, written by Calvin Campbell, Ken Kernen, and Bob Howell. It is a handbook for anyone wishing to design and implement a program such as ours.

To view more information about the programs, visit these links.
www.d4bp.com - Cal Campbell's Community Dance website.
www.SquareDanceABC.com - Rio Grande Valley Callers Association ABC website.

Or, contact us for additional details about the program.

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