Square Dancing for Everyone

Donn Thomson

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Square Dance Parties

The (Square) Dance Party is a stand alone event that provides entertainment to participants with limited or non-existent dancing experience. These are light hearted, energizing sessions using Square, Mixer, Line, Contra, and novelty dances. The goal is to provide entertainment, social interaction, group bonding, and light exercise.

Our version of the Dance Party uses dance steps and routines that flow from one to the next requiring minimum teaching and maximum dancing. Our primary goal is to provide the satisfaction possible when one gains new skills with little or no effort. We constantly strive to put the dancers at ease, eliminate any feelings of awkwardness, generate a mild feeling of conquest and have a really good time. Let's party!

A Square Dance Party is a sure bet for an evening of rejuvination, fellowship, humor and light exercise. Under the leadership of an experienced, responsive caller, it can be an event that will be remembered for a long time.

We provide:
-- Professional Instruction
-- Engaging Entertainment
-- Hilton Sound Equipment
-- A Program to Fit the Crowd
-- Irresistable Music & Rhythms
-- A Memorable Dance Experience

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